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  • Golf Ball and Tee Placer

    Upright Golf Joe’s Original Backtee

    Use the Joe´s Original BackTee tee placer to insert any standard tee into the ground, place the ball on the tee, and then pick the tee up! This Backtee is very simple to use. An excellent golf ball teeing device … Read More
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  • EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer

    EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer

    The EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer is a lightweight tee and ball setter that does all the work for you. You will be able to tee up for your drive without bending over. EZ-Tee is the tee and golf ball setter … Read More
    not rated $109.00
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  • Upright Golf Jumbo AirLift Tees

    Make it easier to tee up when you place the ball on the AirLift Tee’s over sized tee head. Standard size tall tee length (3 1/2″) with a jumbo 16mm diameter head. Added loft and super durable. You won’t need … Read More
  • Upright Golf Putting Pack

    The putting pack gets you everything you need to play the green, without bending over. This is where a majority of bending happens that causes back and knee pain. So how do you eliminate that? It’s simple, just use the … Read More
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  • Ultimate No Bend Golf Gift Set

    Get everything that you need to completely eliminate bending on the golf course. This is the ultimate golf gift set to give to your parent, spouse, or even yourself. Hey, we all deserve to treat ourselves sometimes! Or maybe someone … Read More
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  • Upright Golf Claw

    The Upright Golf Claw is the best golf ball picker upper available to eliminate your bending over when you’re on the green. It easily attaches to the grip of most putters or golf clubs. As long as your grip has … Read More
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  • Flip Top Golf Ball Pickup

    This compact, fold-able golf ball pickup tool works with any putter grip without distracting you while putting.   Works great on any putter grip! It is attached to the end of the putter with three small screws. This Flip Top … Read More
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    [NEW] Top Level 3-Ply Reusable Masks

    3-PLY Reusable masks ComfortClothTM , a proprietary 90%/10% performance polyester & spandex blend for long-term comfort (non-medical grade) Washable and reusable. Elastic ear straps to hold mask securely in place. Reduces unnecessary waste and costs associated with non-reusable masks. Available in … Read More
    not rated $6.99
  • Vertical Golfing Magnetic Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

    Vertical Golfing Magnetic Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

    Never bend again when using the Magnetic Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip. Adhere one of the magnets to the bottom of your putter, and use that magnetic power to place or pickup your ball marker. When you’re done, conveniently store … Read More
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  • Vertical Golfing Golf Balls

    It’s always a shame to lose a golf ball in that dang creek on the right side of hole 13… So tack on some Vertical Golfing golf balls to your order and save yourself from worrying about your Mulligan.   … Read More
    not rated $11.99$59.99