Single Golf Ball Picker Uppers

Top 4 Single Golf Ball Picker Uppers Under $20

Playing a round of golf and want to eliminate bending on the green with a portable device? These golf ball picker uppers were extensively reviewed to determine how they compete with one another. All of these products are readily available on Amazon. Multiple ball pickup tools will be reviewed in the next post.

In fairness of competition, we have left off any of the Vertical Golfing products to keep this as unbiased as possible.


Best Single Golf Ball Grabbers Under $20

#1 Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up

It’s compact, durable, and lightweight. It fits really well onto almost every putter grip. The best part of this tool is that it’s very discrete. You can barely even notice it on the end of your putter and it doesn’t impact your game at all. The ball grip strength is relatively high, but over time the springs may wear out.


Here’s a helpful review from J. Guin who purchased one for his grandfather.

“Knocked every ball in to the cup just so he could use it. I know it has made him happy, and he doesn’t have to struggle picking up a ball below his feet anymore. Wish I would have bough one sooner.”


#2 NUOLUX Golf Ball Pick-up Suction Cup

Why would you want one of these golf ball grabbers? Because it doesn’t harm the putter grip in any way. It can be a challenge to put this on large grips, but it should fit on at least one club in your golf bag. It’s made out of rubber that stretches around your grip and uses a suction cup method to grab the ball. It’s a very accurate pickup tool that shouldn’t take much effort to install and use to quit bending over.


#3 Maxfli Golf Ball Pick Up

There’s something to say about 3 pronged golf ball grabbers. These pickup tools don’t wear out for a very long time. They screw into the hole on the putter grip for a simple installation that shouldn’t hurt the club. Once you’ve holed out, just pickup the ball with this golf ball grabber. No need to stoop down to the ground.

“As other reviewers have stated, the screw could be a little longer.. but grabs the ball flawlessly!”


#4 ProActive Sports Suck-It-Up Golf Ball Pick-Up

The ProActive Sports Suck-It-Up Ball Pick-Up screws into the end of the putter grip and features a heavy-duty suction cup. This eliminates the need to bend down to pick up your golf ball so that there is less strain on your back. This one is ranked last at #4 because in our review, you really have to come straight down onto the ball. It grabs the ball well but is not very forgiving.


So there you have it. The top 4 competitor’s golf ball picker uppers. You can always get one of our golf ball picker uppers.