Upright Golf Jumbo AirLift Tees

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Make it easier to tee up when you place the ball on the AirLift Tee’s over sized tee head. Standard size tall tee length (3 1/2″) with a jumbo 16mm diameter head. Added loft and super durable. You won’t need to buy many tees once you start using these. Order extra replacements for your Joe’s Original Backtee or use them on their own.


Standard tee diameter is 9mm


Checkout the AirLift Tee stress test

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4 Tees, 8 Tees, 12 Tees, 24 Tees

4 reviews for Upright Golf Jumbo AirLift Tees

  1. walter baran

    The large caps work well but used with the backtee they tend to go into the ground crooked, thus defeating the point of having a larger seat for the ball

  2. Milo Martin jr

  3. Milo Martin

    Very good no bending is great tks

  4. john r. (verified owner)

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