EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer


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The EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer is a lightweight tee and ball setter that does all the work for you. You will be able to tee up for your drive without bending over. EZ-Tee is the tee and golf ball setter that allows the user to tee a ball, and then retrieve a tee without bending over. Use The EZ-Tee with any standard tee, no need to buy special tees. However, it might be easier to place the ball onto an over-sized tee head. The EZ-Tee is also equipped with a pin-stand so that you don’t need to bend over to pickup the tool that prevents your bending over.


Product Details:

  • Easily places the tee straight down
  • Eliminates bending
  • Works with any standard tee
  • Retractable pin to insert into the ground
  • Stands up on own while you tee off


Quiz: Do I Need an EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer?

  1. Do you have trouble playing golf because of all the bending over?
  2. Are you a senior golfer, and have trouble bending over when you play golf?
  3. Does your back ache after a game of golf from all the bending over?
  4. Are you physically challenged or disabled and are unable to bend over?
  5. Have you had back surgery or hip replacement surgery and cannot bend over?

**If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you stand to benefit from the EZ-Tee.


See the EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer in action


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