Staying On Course


On average, Americans squeeze in over 375,000,000 rounds of golf each year. True, a number of contributing factors combine to produce this staggering statistic; however, one area simply cannot be overlooked: golf has never been more accessible. Advances in adaptive equipment and specialty devices now allow more golfers to continue their favorite pastime in spite of disability or limitation. Take a look through some of the latest technology designed to make golf a more inclusive and approachable pursuit for all!


Adaptive Equipment


When it comes to what keeps golfers off the links, lower back pain (LBP), range-of-motion (ROM) issues and other chronic conditions are common culprits. For instance, consider one of the game’s most routine actions: bending at the waist to retrieve a ball or tee. For someone with LBP or mobility issues, this common task can be a potentially tremendous hassle. Not to fear! Fortunately, golfers with disabilities can choose from a long list of unique products built with their needs in mind! 



Get back in the game without even swinging a club! That’s right, no swing required. Boasting adjustable distances of 50 to 200 yards, the EZeeGolf club is a game-changer for those with even the most limiting of disabilities. Just aim, hold steady and allow this piston-powered adaptive club handle the rest! 


Teeing devices


Golfers of all ages and abilities are putting an end to the bend with some of these helpful, ergonomic teeing devices. Upright Golf Joe’s Original Backtee is an excellent golf ball teeing attachment for golfers that want to eliminate bending and stooping when teeing their golf ball! The instructions are clear and the set-up is quick: Simply clip on Joe’s Original Backtee to the end of your golf club grip. Next use it to effortlessly set the tee, pick up the ball and place it on the tee. Then after hitting your drive, again use Joe’s Original Backtee to pick up the tee! 


Golfers who don’t mind adding another club to their bag should also consider the robust EZ-Tee. This sturdy, all-in-one solution is perfect for disabled or aging golfers alike. Wave goodbye to bending to retrieve balls and tees, fix divots, marking the ball and more! The classic EZ-Tee is highly-rated and well-reviewed – with glowing testimonials from golfers who have found it essential to staying on the course following joint replacement surgeries.  


Speciality Devices 



The technology of today is a key factor in turning old age or an unexpected disability into something positive again. In fact, for some individuals, it offers an opportunity to enjoy activities thought to be lost. The SoloRider single rider golf car is an example of technology that restores functional capacity [to play the game of golf], provides a health-conscious opportunity to re-enter social activities, creates self-confidence and self-esteem, and gives the person a sense of future. Suddenly the challenge of golf is back or a new undertaking… life is rediscovered.


All-Terrain Wheelchairs


Tackle even the most challenging terrain with an adaptable wheelchair! Walk’n’Chair is specialized walker/wheelchair combination whose rugged design allows for adventures over rocky and uneven surfaces. Configure the Walk’n’Chair for activities such as fishing, hunting, exploring trails, or attending outdoor events by reversing the seat and basket so that the bigger wheels are forward. Like the all terrain rolling walker mode, this provides ultimate stability during your outdoor activities while at the same time allowing someone to assist you if needed.1


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