COVID-19 Impact on Vertical Golfing

As over 80% of our customers are senior golfers, the unfortunate impact of the COVID-19 virus has been felt throughout our company. The virus has a proven increased death rate as age increases, especially for those that are 60+. At the current rate and projections from Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the virus will continue to spread. “Bottom line, it’s going to get worse.” Please be wary of ‘fake-news’ and also filter through the politics of the issue when staying updated. The best place to get non-biased information about the virus is directly through the United States CDC.

The majority of large and small sporting events, including the PGA Tour and Masters, have been cancelled or postponed. Here is a deeper look at the sport of golf and how COVID-19 may affect your personal golf game.


Golfers practicing social distancing
Golfers practicing social distancing

Golf is a sport with built in social distancing

Courses are big, and aside from tournaments, there are few people on them. It’s relatively easy to practice social distancing. Maintaining a 6 foot distance between anyone may be the best way to avoid getting sick. Social distancing is hard to practice in most situations, but hitting up the links provides plenty of space.


COVID-19 may have seasonality

While not proven, there may be some evidence that warm, humid air can slow transmission. If COVID-19 is limited in the same way that Influenza spreads, golfers may be in luck. This is the exact weather expected when playing. Golf when the grass is green and the air is warm.


Avoid the Country Club

If you’re missing golf, get a round in. Just try your best to stay out of the club house. Any place where people congregate provides optimal conditions for spreading a disease. Here are some tips:

  • Book a tee time and pay online
  • Call ahead to reserve a cart without needing to walk in
  • Skip the social hour
  • Don’t hangout in the country club after golfing
  • Sanitize your golf cart with disinfectant wipes
  • Wash your hands and bring hand sanitizer
  • Stay home when sick!


Vertical Golfing is an online only business

Online business has seen a large increase in sales and deliveries. There is an extremely low risk of spreading the virus through shipping logistics. Currently, we only sell products through eCommerce, which means you don’t need to leave your house to pickup a teeing device or golf ball pickup tool.

All in all, golf may be a much needed bright spot to get us through this pandemic. Vertical Golfing will ensure that you have the tools needed to get onto the golf course.

This article is based on our teams research and is not considered official medical advice. Please talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. Link to United States CDC.